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Currently, MT4 is the world's most popular foreign exchange and CFD trading platform, with more than 300 brokers and banks using.

  • International general trading platform
  • Millisecond order execution speed
  • Advanced chart analysis
  • Comprehensive technical indicators
  • Suitable for your various devices (PC & mobile)
HXFX Trade

Customized version of MT4 trading software

  • Tailor-made for professional investors
  • Order execution speed in millisecond level
  • Advanced chart analysis
  • Comprehensive technical indicators
  • Global real-time update of market information and financial calendar
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It is very safe and efficient to get in and out of the deposit. Basically, you can withdraw money on the same day, and the customer service attitude is very good.

The trading system is stable and safe.

If you are a newcomer to the market, you can consider this platform, regulated by VFSC, ASIC, FSA.

There are many promotions that can save a lot of transaction costs.

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